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All about Children's Coverups

All about Children's Coverups

With many years of experience living and working in the sunny Australian environment there is a great deal we know about spending time swimming outdoors with children. Please find here some general information and advice concerning the key consideration when selecting a suitable swimming cover-up, robe or poncho for your child.

Types of Kids Cover-ups

There are so many names and descriptions for kids swim and beach cover-ups. Here are just a few: Beach Robes, Swim Robes, Rash Vests, Rash Guards, Beach Ponchos, Swimming Robes, Hooded Towels, Peasant Tops, Terry Dresses, Kaftans, Beach Dresses, Swim Gowns Smock Shirts, Tunics, Beach Hoodies...

There is no official 'statue of features' for these types of garments however we figure there are four main grouping:
  Swim robes, parkas & gowns - Usually thick & warm, towelling and zip-up
  Swim ponchos, kaftans, & tunics - Varying weights and fabrics in 'slip-over' one piece style
  Beach dresses, peasant tops & terry slip ons - Dress styles for girls only
  Swim shirts, rash vests, rash guards or 'rashies' - Body hugging stretchy nylon & lyrca to wear in the water.

All product groupings have a place in the swim and beach environment. In fact most Australian children will have at least two or three of these styles in their Summer wardrobes.

About swim robes, parkas & gowns

This group of kids coverups includes swim robes, beach robes, swim parkas, pool jackets and swimming gowns. Mostly these are made from cotton towelling or cotton waffle. They tend to be designed for functionality in mind with most being warm and drying with a front zip or buttons. In our opinion the best all round closure is a zip. They are quick, tidy and easy to get on and off. Belts are OK but they have a tendency to untie when kids run. They also drag in water & puddles if not secured well. Buttons can be great for double breasted robes and jackets but they can be a little tricky for little fingers. We suggest robes and gowns lined with towelling if you plan putting the robe on your child right after they exit the water. Please note that some swim and pool jackets can be lined with synthetic fleece which whilst warm does not readily absorb water. None of our swim robes, parkas and swimming gowns have synthetic fleece lining.

Girls Swimming Cover Up

Luxe Towelling Cover Up

Girls Cover Ups

Towelling Swim Cover-Up

Swimming Cover Up

Swimming Cover Up

Girls Pink Beach Cover Up

Girls Pink Cover Up

Girls Beach Coverup

Girls Towelling Swim Cover-Up

Girls Cover Ups Blue

Kids Swimming Cover Up

About Swim ponchos, kaftans, & tunics

These kids cover-ups are mostly pull over style, with loose necks and loose fitting arms. They can be made of many fabrics from sheer silks and voiles to thick and absorbent cotton towelling. Swim ponchos and coverups can be a good style for young children as they are simple to slip on and off. Some are also designed to allow for easy changing in and out of swimwear in public places. Other are purely fashion items, designed to add a little sparkle to a swimsuit. We offer a range of high quality towelling surf ponchos and chaining robes that are perfect for swimming and swimming lessons as well as changing at the beach for a swim or surf.

Girls Hooded Poncho

Girls Towelling Poncho

Girls Hoodie Poncho

Girls Poncho Cover Up

Girls Towelling Poncho

Girls Towelling Cover Up

About beach dresses, peasant tops & terry slip-ons

There are lots of summer dresses, tops and slip-ons that work perfectly as a beach cover-ups for girls. Look for garments that cover arms and well as the torso. Also try to find fabrics that offer some protection from the sun if the child is likely to spend extended periods out in the sun. Oversized peasant tops and 'boyfriend' shirts are often very good. They can look really cute and often have nice embroideries at the neck and front and usually have long sleeves. Many of these garments don't offer much warm however, so keep that in mind if you are looking for something to also dry and warm up your little mermaid maybe a beach dress is not quite right.

Terry Cover Up for Girls

Girls Terry Towelling Cover Up

Terry Coverup

Terry Towelling Swim Cover-Up

Terry Towelling Cover Up for Girls

Girls Terry Cover Up

About Swim shirts, rash vests, rash guards or 'rashies'

These kids swim shirts and cover-ups are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Made from stretchy 'swimwear type' fabric that is usually a blend of Nylon and Lycra, they are designed to be warm both in and out of the water. There are heaps of colours and designs in the market. Everything for the little pirate or sparkling princess. The better garments are also UPF50+ rated meaning they offer very good protection from both UVA ad UVB sun rays.

Rash guards get their name as they were originally designed to go under wetsuits and over bare chests to reduce the rubbing and 'rashing' the came from board paddling. Today however most kids wear them to keep the sun off. The great thing about rash guards is that kids can swim quick comfortably in them. They are designed to be snug fitting and are perfect for all day in and out for the water. They dry quickly so if your child is running about in the sun and breeze they will be dry (well damp but not dripping) quickly. They will also stop any rashing if your child is playing on a bodyboard or similar.

A couple of important things to note with swim shirts and rash vest:
1. They offer no warmth or warming properties when wet. On the contrary they actually cool the wearer down considerably when wet, especially in the breeze - there is a significant wind chill effect.
2. Once they are dry, they can get vert hot and sticky to wear. I know, I just talked about them being cold when wet. But As they are made from synthetic fabrics, they don't tend to breath very well. Couple that with full length sleeves and a body hugging design and they can get the wearer hot quickly - when they are dry.

Boys Rash Vest

Boys UV Rash Vest

Rashie Boys

Rash Vest for Boys

Boys Bright Yellow Rashie

Bright Rashie for Boys

The fashion of kids cover-ups

Taking your kids to the beach or the pool is a fun occasion. We are all in a good mood and we want to look good too! Is great fun dressing your little troop for the day ahead so we totally understand the desire to make them look smart, cute and stylish! And the right kids cover-up can look a million dollars. Get a group of kids in smart cover-ups and they will turn heads guaranteed!

Colour is great for kids - nice and bright. Classic blues and pinks with flashes of white always work. Stripes are also great and nautical too or if you are after an island vibe then a hibiscus or other similar graphic flower can look great. Try to find a cover-up that has some shape or structure to it if you are after a dressier look. Little jacket style cover-ups always look smart and tailored. Cover-ups can be styled-up with pockets, hoods and zips as well as adorned with patches and trims for a bit of flare.

Bright cover-ups are also very handy when you are looking for your child in a crowd!
So have some fun with your kids cover-ups. Make a splash with colour. And remember, cover-ups are not only for girls. Boys look strapping is a nice beach or swim robe style in blues, reds and white. There is nothing cuter than a little man by the pool in his beach robe!

Girls UV Coverups

Girls UV Cover Up

Girls UV Dress Cover Ups

UV Cover-Up Dress

Girls Swimming Cover Up

Girls Swim Cover Up

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