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Kids Towelling Cover-ups

Our most popular kids swim cover-up style by far is our 100% cotton towelling coverups. Made from high quality cotton towelling, these before & after swimming coverups not only provide great protection from the sun they also dry fantastically well and are warm & cosy for children. As we all know children love to swim and they swim for hours, staying in far longer than adults. They also seem to pay little attention to how cold they are getting. The literally turn blue in front of our eyes! But you won't hear them complain as long as we let them stay in the water!

When the inevitable comes and they do need to get out we are usually presented with a little wet, shivering body huddled next to us, dripping and shaking. We need to get them dry and warmed-up quickly but not necessarily out of their swimmers and back into their clothes. The day may have a lot more swimming ahead or maybe they'll change at home.

A quality towelling kids cover-up is invaluable at this point - one that is made from adsorbent cotton towelling that both dries and warms your child. With one of these on hand it is as simple as a quick slip on or zip up, then a good cuddle to warm them & dry them in one foul swoop. A quality cover-up will also keep the wind and draft from their wet skin. Now that they are warm, dry and covered parents can relax and focus on the next task (there is always a next task!). A quality cover-up will stay on, it's hood will stay up and the child will stay happy.

For the best drying properties kids cover-ups should be made from 100% cotton towelling. Cotton not only is soft and comfortable, it breathes very well and it is very absorbent. Select an appropriate towelling thickness for your conditions and child (thicker and heavier for colder condition of children that really feel the cold).

Kids love a warm Cover-up after Swimming!

We love this little video from which shows just how simple and warm a Kids Beach Cover up can be. Please browse our large selection of kids towelling swim coverups and ponchos. Perfect swimming coverups for children that love to swim but don't like being wet and cold on the way home.

Terry Rich Kids Beach Cover Ups
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